Coronavirus Chronicles – Day 65

It’s the little things. After being sick for a week two weeks ago, I felt angry and frustrated. There was so much to do and little time. I finally accepted that some tasks would have to wait. I decided to reprioritize all the tasks I wanted to complete so that I could have one small thing completed that I really wanted to be done for my husband, my boys, or me. A lot of my work has to do with my jobs, committees, and other obligations. What about me? What about my family? 

Yesterday, we had our walk-in shower door fixed. We all wore masks, and this made me happy. We discovered it was not installed properly which is why it started to slip and wouldn’t close. This morning, I was glad I could completely close the shower door.

My small win for today was finding a second bike. If you recall, we decided to use the quarantine as an opportunity for our sons to learn how to ride a bike. They hated it. Now, they are fighting over the one bike. I tried to get two, but these stores just cater to girls. When I walked to the bike section, there were about ten girl bikes with streamers and sparkles. The boys’ bike section was sparse. There was only one bike that was the right size. I kept looking any time I went to Walmart or Meijer, but the right size wasn’t in stock. When I looked online, a lot of bikes were sold out. Luckily, I found a bike, and it will be here soon.

Now, they just need to learn how to peddle. They can balance and turn the bike now. Before, it was wipeout after wipeout. One day, one of my sons fell off of the bike. He walked towards me and yelled, “I quit! I hate this bike!” From the pits of my soul, my mother rose up, and I gave a quick retort, “Who are you yelling at?” Children who have mothers that ask this question know it is a trap. It is rhetorical in nature, but yet the mother who asks wants a response. Giving the truthful response could result in a consequence, and lying could result in a consequence. It’s really a no-win situation. What’s key is clear to the child is that I’m not the one. 

We also had some more time for science with geodes. Let me tell you the truth. If you remember we grew crystals; however, we have had the geodes much longer than the crystals. I think I bought the geodes when they were five or six. I thought these suckers would be easy to open. They weren’t. One day, my sons seemed like they needed to go outside and let out some energy. I gave them goggles and a hammer and said, “Don’t come back inside until all of the geodes are opened. Let me tell you. I had 45 minutes to read while they were doing that, and it was sweet bliss.

I’m also dealing with quarantine hair. One of my sons likes his hair longer and the other prefers it to be shorter. My son who entered quarantine with longer hair has found his hair more challenging to manage. I twisted it up.

That’s all I know because I can’t cornrow. I’m sure there is probably some YouTube video for that. The struggle has been real, for real! I prayed to the Lord for two boys when I learned I was having twins. I did not want to deal with two additional heads of hair like my hair….look at where I am right now….I know know this too shall pass.

What will be your one little thing for tomorrow? Let me know.

Stay safe, and wash your hands correctly. Tschüss!

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  1. This one was funny and very relatable.  You thought me something…had no idea what geodes were.  Google took me to Indiana and breakable ones. Aunt Sue


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