Coronavirus Chronicles – Day 4

I’m tired, but overall, today was one of the best days of the week. I think my husband and I are slowly figuring out how to both work remotely from home and homeschool our children.

So far, I have not had to yell like I did yesterday. My boys understood that I wasn’t here to play. One of my sons mumbled under his breath. I can’t stand when a kid, or anyone for that matter, does that. I told him to speak up. He said, “I’m just tired of all this work, and I probably won’t get it done.”

Then, I laughed. My former students already know that this is not a good thing. They know this will be followed by some stern words and clear expectations on how things will proceed moving forward. I told my son, “Mommy is the teacher other teachers would send the kids with the bad attitude and bad behavior. Do you think I am bothered by your attitude?” He did not say anything, so I said, “I asked a question, and I expect an answer.” Finally, he replied with, “No.” Then, I continued, “Now that you understand that I am unbothered by your attitude, you will sit here and complete your work. If you choose not to work, you will just miss the rest of the schedule including, free time, play, lunch, and snack. The choice is yours.” Then, I continued working remotely.

Surprise, surprise…guess who got his work done (and with a quickness). Yes, I’m your mom, but I am not here to play whether it is traditional school or homeschool.

After that foolishness, we watched the press conference at 2 p.m. with Governor Holcomb. My sons did not understand why they had to watch it. I explained that when there is a crisis, you need to get your information from a good source. While watching, we learned that they would not be returning to school on April 6th. Schools will now be closed until May 1st. After they heard that, their little ears perked up. They were even more excited to learn that all standardized testing for this school year is canceled.

My twin sons are in third grade. This is the year they were supposed to take IREAD 3, the test that determines if you can pass to fourth grade, and they were supposed to take ILEARN for the first time. One of my sons was worried about not being able to go to fourth grade. He had the IREAD 3 test on his calendar, so he knew exactly when he was supposed to take it this week….my other son didn’t have a clue. I told him and his brother they would not get held back. Apparently, since I’m not a third grade teacher, my worried son did not believe I was a reputable source to give this answer. He said, “Have you even taught 3rd grade?” Internally, I asked Jesus to take the wheel because I don’t know where all this strong talking to me is coming from.

I know I’m a person that is candid, but dang, that doesn’t mean I need you – nine-year-old child – coming at me like that. I responded that I had actually co-taught in a 3rd grade class for an entire school year. Apparently, that was sufficient enough. My sons started third grade reading on a fifth grade level, so they should not even be worried.

We managed to do: Lexia (a reading program), reading, writing, and art. After I get done typing this, we are doing another activity from the Calm app and watching the rest of the blackhole video from Monday.

Stay strong, and don’t worry. Check back tomorrow!

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  1. “Jesus, take the wheel.” That was a test for the teacher, not the parent. How-so-ever, the child needs to – clearly – see the tree and the forest. Both at the same time. Not doing so is folly.

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