Coronavirus Chronicles – Day 2

Today was my first full day working at home. My husband and I had to figure out how to work from home simultaneously. My husband had team members he need to speak with, and I needed to talk to all of the teachers I supervise. During this time, our boys watched Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated on Netflix. It is actually saved on my list on Netflix. My husband and I watched this entire series when they were younger. We tried to have them watch it then, but they had nightmares after a few episodes. We find it funny that they are watching it now. All you need to know is there is a character called Hot Dog Water…just watch it.

Of course, while my boys were watching this wonderful show, the hunger monster struck. What is a mom to do while talking to the phone and taking notes? She should probably whip up some biscuits. I did in between phone calls. After talking to all the teachers on my team, I took my boys with me to Bed, Bath & Beyond. This might seem like an odd time to go shopping, but I needed some hangers. My husband and I moved into our second house back in October. Well…let’s just say we still have a few boxes to go through, and we are still organizing stuff. We got married right after college, so we moved into together and hadn’t gone through our stuff. After 13 years of marriage and two kids, somehow we have a lot of stuff. I’m using this time to reoganize and downsize my stuff.

Before I pulled back into my driveway, I had another meeting on the phone. That took about 90 minutes. Afterwards, I had my boys clean, and I rested on my bed. Then, I had a Zoom meeting to attend. After that I cooked dinner. My family ate, and my boys cleaned some more.

I thought about the first person who died from coronavirus in Indiana. The media said the person could not be with loved ones; an iPad had to be used for safety. Now, two people have died from the coronavirus in Indiana, and Kansas’ governor shut down school for the rest of the year. My prediction is the same will happen in Indiana. This was too much to think about while I ate dinner.

After dinner, I thought it would be a great time to try the Calm app again. This time, my children took it seriously. I thought they wouldn’t so about five minutes into the activity on the app, that you are supposed to do with your eyes closed, I opened my eyes to catch my boys not taking it seriously. Instead, I found their eyes closed.

Since, again, I failed to do much learning with my boys, I decided to talk to them about St. Patrick’s Day. I asked, “What do you know about St. Patrick?” James said, “Well, last year you said St. Patrick Day is not about leprechauns.” Jerry chimed in, “It is also not about throwing up on the sidewalk.” Y’all, I laughed so hard. Let me share the back story.

Last year, I was watching the news with my boys. There was a story about all the vomit workers had to clean up off of the sidewalk because people were partying too hard. My boys wanted to know why people were throwing up on the sidewalk after a party. I explained that drinking too much of adult beverage can make you sick. I continued by explaining that St. Patrick is a religious figure, and this is not what the day should be about.

On Amazon Prime, we watched from the Christian History Institute, Heroes of the Faith – The Torchlighters: The St. Patrick Story. It was an animated 29 minute movie. My boys learned that St. Patrick was not from Ireland and how he spread the gospel to others after being enslaved. Then, it was time to call it a night.

Well, I got in a timely history lesson, so I’m sort of homeschooling….right?

Tune back in tomorrow for day 3.

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