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In January 2017, I began writing for Indy K12 (formerly called Indy/Ed), an education publication that is amplified by Brightbeam.  After being a writer for Indy K12 for a couple of years, I moved into the role of Editor-in-Chief.

I am humbled to be part of a network of educators and parents who are advocates for the least of these in the world of education. Below, you can read what I wrote in 2017.

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Don’t forget to check out my viral piece, “Teachers Quit Principals, Not Schools” which has been viewed over 1,000,000 times.

12/30/2017Indy/Ed’s Top Ten Posts of 2017
12/24/2017Winter Break Option:  Kwanzaa Celebration
12/22/2017Winter Break Option:  The Children’s Museum on Christmas Eve
12/20/2017We Need Solidarity to Improve School Lunch Programs
12/19/2017Innovation Restart:  Heart to Heart
12/16/2017IPS Innovation Restart
12/10/2017Winter Break Option:  Winterlights
12/8/2017Partners in Education:  Keana Parquet
12/7/2017Partners in Education:  Eric Parquet
12/5/2017MSDWT Safety Fair
11/30/2017Indiana Should Lower the Compulsory Schooling Age
11/28/2017Parents Should Be Empowered to Stand UP and Advocate for Their Children
11/26/2017Winter Break Option:  Indiana Chinese Lantern Festival
11/21/2017Vanguard Collegiate:  A New Middle School Coming to Indy’s West Side
11/18/2017Teachers, It Isn’t Your Job to Judge Parents
11/14/2017Recommendation:  Convert IPS Schools Wendell Phillips and Washington Irving into Innovation Schools
11/11/2017Veterans Day:  My Father’s Story
11/09/2017The GOP Doesn’t Care that Teachers Buy Their Own Classroom Supplies
11/02/2017Nominations Needed for School Excellence Awards
11/02/2017The Mind Trust Educational Bus Tours
10/30/2017Should Schools Celebrate Halloween?
10/28/2017Washington Township Parents, School Hours & Boundaries Input Needed
10/24/2017When Teachers Fear Parents the Child Loses
10/21/2017A Principal’s Words Has Power (republished by Education Post)
10/19/2017Mississippi:  A Book Makes People ‘Uncomfortable’ But What About Your Flag?
10/18/2017Will Craig Middle School Reopen in 2019?
10/15/2017It Will Take More Than Money to Diversify the Teaching Profession
10/10/2017Mental Health Matters Not Just for Students, but for Their Teachers Too
10/5/2017World Teachers’ Day 2017
10/2/2017Kimbal Musk Speaks at TURN Festival
9/29/2017Five Tips to Advocate for Your Child When Your Child’s Teacher Quits and Stays
9/28/2017IPS Names Principals of Reinvented High Schools
9/25/2017Indiana Educators Needed for ILEARN Development
9/22/2017Leading During a Time of Uncertainty
9/19/2017IPS Board of School Commissioners Approves Plan to Close and Consolidate High Schools
9/14/2017Principal of Arsenal Tech Removed
9/6/2017Is it a DREAM deferred or a DREAM deterred?
9/4/2017Defend DACA; Don’t Rip Away the Dream
9/1/2017Northwest High School Community Meeting:  Why Do You Want to Bus Us Across Town?
8/30/2017Arlington High School Community Meeting:  When Will the Experiments Stop?
8/29/2017There’s Power in Understanding Policy
8/28/2017Can the Ban and Just Let Kids Read
8/24/2017Should All Indiana Schools Have the Same Start Date
8/21/2017Being Aware and Making a Difference is not a Trend; It’s a Lifestyle
8/19/2017IDOE Community Meetings
8/17/2017Indianapolis Needs Renaissance Kids
8/15/2017A New School Year – Tips for Students
8/9/2017A New School Year – Tips for Teachers
8/1/2017IPS is Willing to Pay in Hopes High School Teachers Will Stay
7/30/2017A New School Year – Tips for Parents
7/24/2017The Next IT Girl
7/21/2017John Marshall Closure Community Meeting:  Where Were They?
7/20/2017State ESSA Plans Need to Include Accountability for STEAM Curriculum if States Want More African Americans and Hispanics in STEAM Careers
7/19/2017Broad Ripple Closure Community Meeting:  Were They Heard?
7/12/2017It’s Full STEAM Ahead for Youth at Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration
7/7/2017IPS School Closures:  Teachers Devastated; Families Look for Other Options
7/5/2017Indiana Releases First Draft of ESSA Plan (republished by Black Press USA and its affiliates – The Baltimore Times, The Dallas Post Tribune, The Indianapolis Recorder, Pasadena Journal, New Journal and Guide, and Westside Gazette)
7/4/2017What, to a Slave Descendant, is your 4th of July? (republished by Second Line Education Blog)
6/30/2017School Issues Report Cards without Grades after Teacher Quits
6/28/2017Parents, Teachers Aren’t Miracle Workers; Your Child Needs to be Present to Learn
6/23/2017We Strap Roller Skates to Their Feet and Push Parents Out the Door  (republished by Good School Hunting)
6/15/2017Mindfulness and Wrap Around Services Support Student Success in Schools
6/13/2017IPS Plans to Expand Online Literacy Tutoring Program
6/5/2017Too Many Graduations
5/31/2017State ESSA Plans Should Include Multiple Career Pathways for Teachers
5/25/2017When School Policies Interfere with Our Children’s Education
5/22/2017Broad Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts & Humanities Students Attend Hamilton in Chicago
5/18/2017Thank You to My African American Teachers
5/10/2017Learning and Gardening at School (republished by The Kitchen Community)
5/5/2017Move the Conversation from School Type to School Success
5/3/2017The Power of School Choice
4/28/2017Let’s Not Rush This High School Closure Thing
4/25/2017Autism:  Through a Parent’s Eyes
4/21/2017Help Name MSDWT New Schools
4/12/2017The Referenda Passed…Now What?
4/3/2017Whose Responsibility Is It? (republished by Huffington Post)
3/28/2017Women’s History Month Highlight:  Vera Vander Kooy Bringing STEM to Indy’s Youth
3/17/2017Aspiring Indiana Teachers Cannot Pass Licensure Exams
3/13/2017Teachers Quit Principals, Not Schools
3/6/2017Legislation and Funding of Innovation Schools
2/22/2017The Unintended Consequences of Opportunity Culture
2/20/2017IPS Launches Online Literacy Tutoring Program for First Graders
2/14/2017We are Black Educators So Why Do You Only See Us As Disciplinarians? (republished by Huffington Post)
2/3/2017MSD of Washington Township Changes Start and End Times for All District Schools
1/27/2017School Choice Highlight:  Sidener Academy
1/19/2017Education Proficiency Lacking; No Time for Growth – U.S. Education Secretary Confirmation Hearing of Betsy DeVos
1/15/201753 Years Since “I Have a Dream” and We’re Still Being Excluded
1/11/20172016:  A Look Back at the Highlights