Coronavirus Chronicles – Day 37

Problem solving was the focus of my day. Some teachers resigned from my school and won’t be returning next school year. I had to work with the administrator I co-supervise the middle school with to figure out staffing. If you know anything about teachers, many of them hate being moved to a different grade. It was a puzzle trying to determine who to move where and which positions we should hire. You can’t have all the first and second year teachers in the same grade. You don’t want a grade where no one has good classroom management. Since I work at a charter school, we accept teachers from non-traditional education programs like Teach for America. You don’t want all of those teachers in the same grade. We settled on a plan and are continuing to interview. We’ll see how that goes.

Then, I helped a woman that I met back in college. She is trying to move her business forward and to the next level. I shared with her the knowledge I had. I have had people tell me that I should start charging people for giving advice. It’s not like I am giving unique advice or information that a person couldn’t research. I know that takes time which is why people seek out a person who knows all of that information in the first place. I don’t think it hurts to help people. Some people are so busy trying to climb to the top that they won’t help others. I never want to be that person.

My husband and I felt we needed to have a face-to-face conversation via Zoom with one of our son’s teachers. Communication has been an issue for most of the school year. Our main frustration was asking questions via email and the questions not being answered. The teacher even told the principal our emails were stressing her out earlier in the year. We informed the principal that we wouldn’t have to send a follow up if the questions we asked were actually answered. We were able to explain what we needed, and it seems like we might be on the same page…for now.

Of course, I solved other problems like finding snacks and objects for my children. We all know that’s parent life.

Last, I wanted my readers to know that I’m going to live stream my next podcast episode. I’m excited about this.  You can join in at 1 p.m. EST on YouTube or Facebook. If you write comments or questions during the recording, we will try to answer them.

Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of the Coronavirus Chronicles.

Stay safe, and wash your hands correctly. Tschüss!

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