Brazen Education Podcast

In December 2018, I expanded my work to include hosting the podcast Brazen Education. You can hear the podcast on BoomplayGoogle Podcasts, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Listen Notes, Pandora, PodBeanPodchaser, and Spotify. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review! 

In 2020, I started releasing a video version of the podcast as well. Those episodes can be viewed on YouTube.

Thanks for listening or watching, and I’m open to receiving topics for future episodes.

2023 Episodes

Episode 70 – Sanctuaries of Knowledge: The Black Church’s Role in Education

Episode 69 – The Critical Role of the Assistant Principal

Episode 68 – Policy, Education, & Youth Advocacy

Episode 67 – All This Math and More

Episode 66 – Parent Advocacy

Episode 65 – Increasing the STEM Pipeline

Episode 64 – Black Homeschooling Part II

Episode 63 – Beyond Books – Exploring Libraries

Episode 62 – Show Love to Teachers

Episode 61 – Black Homeschooling Part I

Episode 60 – Despite Dream Killers

Episode 59 – Navigating Educatio as a Third Culture Kid

2022 Episodes

Episode 58 – Let’s Talk About Literacy

Episode 57 – Is Standards Based Grading the Best Approach?

Episode 56 – Let’s Talk about Sex Education Part III – A Scientific Approach

Episode 55: See, Shift, & Sustain: A Journey of Entrepreneurship

Episode 54 – Finding Your Ikigai

Episode 53 – Black Excellence in Education

Episode 52 – Let’s Talk about Sex Education Part II

Episode 51- Let’s Talk about Sex Education Part I

2021 Episodes

Episode 50 – … So You want to be a Teacherpreneur Part II

Episode 49 – … So You want to be a Teacherpreneur

Episode 48 – How Parents Can Help Their Children Pursue Academic Excellence

Episode 47 – Managing Mental Wellness

Episode 46 – Words of Wisdom from My Father

2020 Episodes

Episode 45 – Wrapping Up 2020

Episode 44 – Ensuring Every Student Succeeds

Episode 43 – Coronavirus Chronicles – The Exhausted Educator

Episode 42 – How to Move Forward When Making a Mistake with Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Episode 41 – White Allies, Your Job is to Listen and Learn, Not Lead

Episode 40 – Decolonizing Education

Episode 39 – The Intersection of Public Health and Education

Episode 38 – Why Black Educators Feel Emotionally Unsafe at School

Episode 37 – The Benefits of Homeschooling Black Children

Episode 36 – Why Teachers Leave the Classroom and How to Get Them to Stay

Episode 35 – What Will School Be Like Next School Year

Episode 34 – COVID-19 – 7 Education Questions

Episode 33 – Working Remotely During COVID-19

Episode 32 – School Staff Should Listen to Students

Episode 31 – Why Stay Interviews Matter

Episode 30 – The Importance of Taking a Step Back

2019 Episodes

Episode 29 – Giving Back to Ignite Your Flame

Episode 28 – Self-Care During Winter Break

Episode 27 – Teaching with Chronic Pain

Episode 26: My Conflict with Red for Ed

Episode 25: Beginning a New Teaching Job after the Start of the School Year

Episode 24: Becoming a Teacher Leader

Episode 23: Finding the Professional and Personal Line: Your Principal (or your Colleagues) Do Not Need

Episode 22: Teaching with an Open Classroom

Episode 21: The Five Ps of the Parent/Teacher Conference

Episode 20: A Crucial Conversation about Assessment in the Classroom

Episode 19: Focus on What You Can Control

Episode 18: When Students Die

Episode 17: The First 30 Days

Episode 16: The Importance of the First Day of School

Episode 15: Transitioning from Teacher to Administrator

Episode 14: Autonomy: Give Teachers Their Independence Back

Episode 13: Ten Takeaways from the Teacher Self-Care Conference

Episode 12: Joy Journaling as a Form of Self-Care

Episode 11: Finishing Year 13 as an Educator

Episode 10: To My Colleagues Who Stalk Me Online

Episode 9: You Shouldn’t Hire Educators Just because They are Black

Episode 8: Taking a Job After an Unorganized Teacher Leaves

Episode 7: Evaluations: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Episode 6: Elwood, Indiana Superintendent Casey Smitherman Resigns After Criminal Charges

Episode 5: Creating Relationships with Students

Episode 4: Coping with Private Pain at School

Episode 3: Dealing with Colleague Drama

Episode 2: How to Diversify Your Career Options in Education

2018 Episode

Episode 1: How to Leave Your School