Brazen Education Podcast


December 2017, I joined The Educator’s Room team as a writer. Click here to read the articles I have written for TER.

December 2018, I expanded my work at TER to include hosting the podcast Brazen Education.  Currently, listeners can hear the podcast on iTunes and Podbean.

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Thanks for listening, and I’m open to receiving topics for future episodes.

Episode List


Episode 1: How to Leave Your School

Episode 2: How to Diversify Your Career Options in Education

Episode 3: Dealing with Colleague Drama

Episode 4: Coping with Private Pain at School

Episode 5: Creating Relationships with Students

Episode 6: Elwood, Indiana Superintendent Casey Smitherman Resigns after Criminal Charges

Episode 7: Evaluations: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Episode 8: Taking a Job After an Unorganized Teacher Leaves

Episode 9: You Shouldn’t Hire Educators Just because They are Black

Episode 10: To My Colleagues who Stalk Me Online

SEASON 2: 2019-2020 School Year

Episode 11: Finishing Year 13 as an Educator

Episode 12: Joy Journaling as a Form of Self-Care

Episode 13: Ten Takeaways from the Teacher Self-Care Conference

Episode 14: Autonomy: Give Teachers Their Independence Back

Episode 15: Transitioning from Teacher to Administrator

Episode 16: The Importance of the First Day of School

Episode 17: The First 30 Days

Episode 18: When Students Die

Episode 19: Focus on What You Can Control

Episode 20: A Crucial Conversation about Assessment in the Classroom

Episode 21: The Five Ps of the Parent/Teacher Conference