Coronavirus Chronicles – Day 11

Welcome back. I’m ready for the weekend because that means I am on spring break. As a kid, I never went anywhere for spring break. My spring break was really clean break. My mom found tons of items for us to clean and lots of stuff for us to organize. If we wanted some fun, we could go outside and play. Once our kids entered kindergarten, we decided that we would take a trip during spring break. 

When they were in kindergarten, we went to Washington D.C.

When they were in 1st grade, we went to Gatlinburg, TN.

Last year, we did a staycation because Jermaine and I got busy and never made time to make a plan. We promised our boys we were going to go somewhere, even if it was another city in Indiana this year. Now, spring break will be another staycation on a whole other level. 

I’m a little sad about it, but I’m trying to stay positive. Instead, I am focusing on the fact that I can be home and not work. Let’s get real; working remotely can have its drawbacks. It is hard to have work-life balance when work and other life activities are taking place in your home. Yesterday, I was communicating with teachers I supervise as late a 7 p.m. I should have been more focused on my family. I should have walked away from work.

Today, I set an intention to end work when I would have ended work if I was going to my school each day. I felt better. It allowed me to focus more on my boys and to have time to think about how I can make spring break fun at home. I’m still thinking about it, and I’ll report out once I have an answer.

In addition to walking to the mailbox, I did other exercises today. My right calf is still pretty sore, but it is throbbing less than yesterday. I hope I did not pull anything. What made my trip even better is seeing a friend at the mailbox. At the same moment as I walking towards the mailbox, my friend, who lives in my neighborhood, was driving in front of my house. We were able to practice social distance and talk. It was soooooo nice to talk to another adult that wasn’t from my job or in my house.

My boys’ crystals are still growing. Yes, there was another fight. I’m not sure what happened this time because my husband said he was going to handle it. I appreciated that because I’m reaching my limits with them. They are identical twins and they know exactly what buttons to push to tick each other off. I wish they would stop, but for some reason, they won’t…and females keep telling me they would love to have twins. Girl, bye!

What I am the most excited about is that four of my raised garden beds arrived today. I even got Jermaine outside to look at where they would be placed. This is a big deal. All he wants to do when it comes to our garden is to eat the produce. I told him I need him more in the process since we are starting from scratch at our new house, and I appreciate his efforts today.

On the homeschool front, Jeremiah has a little something to say about me, a former English teacher, asking him to write a paragraph with a minimum of five sentences. You want to know who he told? He told his teacher in his reflection assignment. Oh, okay kid! You will thank me later for building your writing stamina.

Nonetheless, it is has been a good day.

Stay safe, and wash your hands correctly. Tschüss!

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