Coronavirus Chronicles – Day 18

I just ate some black eyed peas that are so good that you could slap your momma. I’m the momma that made those black eyed peas. You definitely not slapping me. Ha! My boys each ate two bowls. They wanted more, but my husband and I cut them off. I don’t even know if there is cornbread left, but I can make more tomorrow. I’m about to straight have the itis. I’m so full right now. Enough bragging about my cooking, but I did learn from the best, and I learned how to cook a lot from scratch. Maybe when this is all over, I can have some of you all over to my home.

Today, I did my first Instagram live on my gardening account (you can follow it @gardenershicole). The first time, the video was upside down, so we had to try again. James did Instagram live, and Jerry did Facebook live.

I also had to make a grocery run. We went to Walmart where we rarely shop for food, but I also wanted a bike. When my sons and I walked towards the bike section, there was a row of girls’ bikes on display. Unfortunately, they only had one boy bike in the size I need. I have twins; I need two. I even had an employee check the back. No luck! I can’t teach them both to ride without training wheels at the same time. It didn’t work well. I took a time out and tagged in my husband because I had it. I gave a whole speech about perseverance before we started, and I couldn’t even persevere through the situation. There’s always tomorrow…right?

If you haven’t already heard, Indiana schools got canceled for the rest of the school year. One of my sons expressed joy for not having to see his classroom teacher again. I won’t write exactly what he said, but just know this son has never disliked a teacher before. Honestly, I trust my child. His feelings are valid. The experiences we have had with the teacher could have been better.

As an educator, I’m worried about children who are already behind academically. Teachers are trying hard, but that might not be enough for those students.

Stay safe, and wash your hands correctly. Tschüss!

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  1. The boys are funny that is good that they express their self as long as they don’t get in trouble I miss seeing them I enjoyed them in the basement on Sunday this stuff will pass.

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