Coronavirus Chronicles – Days 15-16

I lied to myself yesterday. I thought I could watch television in bed and then write my blog. I fell asleep with the new blog post open. Today, I’ll recount what we did on Monday and today.

This week my sons and I are on spring break. It has been great to just be at home and not trying to work and help my sons with assignments at the same time. I’m giving my sons lots of free time with some structured activities. 

I started my day with Citizen Stewart, CEO of Brightbeam. I had the opportunity to talk about this unprecedented situation we are in and my thoughts about it. 

Later in the day, my boys and I planted carrot and radish seeds. I also ordered more raised beds to continue expanding our garden. 

Today, I started my day with Erika Sanzi, Chief Editor of Project Forever Free. We talked about setting boundaries for children while you are working remotely.

After that, I had an idea to read an Aesop Fable on our publishing company’s, Barnes Brothers Books, YouTube channel. I did an activity I have done with students for families to do at home. James drew the illustration to go with the fable, and Jeremiah read the fable. I had to figure out how to make a video of us inside of the Google slides presentation I created. I even put a little free music in the background. We will do more as time allows.

We ended the day by completing the Count Me INdy coloring book about the 2020 census. Then, our boys helped us fill out the census form online. This was a timely history lesson. On the last page of the coloring book, they were asked to draw their prediction of 2030. My husband and I asked them to explain. James’ explanation was everything would be great. People woudl be happy and heathly. He also said ten years from now people would get a coronavirus vaccination just like you can get a flu shot now. Jeremiah drew the world literally cracked in pieces. He said in ten years, the world would be falling apart. In the lower left-hand corner of the picture, he drew God. He said God would fix everything which included everyone being transported to a new planet because of overcrowding and the damage done to the planet.  For those of you who still mistakenly believe identical twins are identical in everything…well, I leave you to figure that out!

Jeremiah and James disagreeing about the future 10 years from now.

I really enjoyed my first two days of break; I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Stay safe, and wash your hands correctly. Tschüss!

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