Coronavirus Chronicles – Day 10

I’m feeling a little better today, but I skipped exercising unless you count my trip walking to the mailbox. I’m glad I got the mail today because I was able to see that the perennial plants we transferred from our 1st house are growing which means the transfer was successful. As a gardener, this is a huge deal!

We all got a late start today. You could say Jermaine and I were both late to work, and therefore, our boys were late to school. Once we got going, I decided to wash our boys’ hair. One of my sons has long hair. You would have thought I was trying to harm him. Then, I had to tell his brother, who has short hair, that we would not be able to take him to the barbershop to keep it short. He looked at me like I had cursed.

If you recall we grew some crystals yesterday. They will take seven-ten days to finish growing. Two of the crystal grew a lot overnight.

There was also a fight. One of my boys was humming in his room and his brother did not like it. He left his room to tell his brother to stop humming and instead of stopping he interrupted every sentence his brother said with a hum. Those of you that keep telling me how adorable twins are…come and handle this.  Of course, I had to come and shut it down after they put their hands on each other. I didn’t see it, but I heard it. When I attempted to address it, one said to his brother, “Oh did my hand land on you?” I took a deep breath and said, “Enough, you know what you did. Both of you apologize and stay in your own room.” This is our second in-school suspension of homeschool. I got to keep my suspension numbers down before I get called in by administration…oh wait, I am the administration.

In other news, I’m staying committed to refreshing my Deutsch (German) skills. I took Deutsch in high school and college. I started practicing again three months ago. Today is my 109th day in a row of practicing on Duolingo.

It’s time for me to go. Ich brauche Wein.

Stay safe, and wash your hands correctly. Tschüss!

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