Indy K12 – 2022

In January 2017, I began writing for Indy K12 (formerly called Indy/Ed), an education publication that is amplified by Brightbeam.  After being a writer for Indy K12 for a couple of years, I moved into the role of Editor-in-Chief.

I am humbled to be part of a network of educators and parents who are advocates for the least of these in the world of education. Below, you can read what I wrote in 2022.

To read my work from other years, click on the year: 2023, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, & 2017.

Don’t forget to check out my viral piece, “Teachers Quit Principals, Not Schools” which has been viewed over 1,000,000 times.

12/29/2022#ThrowbackThursday: A Look Back at Our Most Viewed Pieces Not Written this Year
12/26/2022Indy K12’s 2022 Top Ten List Part II
12/24/2022Indy K12’s 2022 Top Ten List Part I
12/22/2022Racism & Bias Start at the Top: Purdue NW Chancellor Should Resign
12/20/2022We Don’t Need a Classical Private School
12/19/2022Barnes’ Education Holiday Wish List
12/16/2022‘We’re Tired!’ A Reflection from a Black Woman about the IndyPL CEO Debacle
11/30/2022Beyond Giving Tuesday
11/29/2022Indiana Grants 2 Million to Increase the Number of English Language Learners Teachers
11/19/2022IPS Rebuilding Stronger Plan Passes with Unanimous Vote: Educator Barnes’ Perspective
11/16/2022A Fly in the Milk: Being the Only Black Teacher
11/15/2022America Recycles Day: Recycling in Our Schools
11/14/2022The Evolution of Parent/Teacher Conferences
10/29/2022Let Children See the Truth
10/26/2022Teachers, Mount Up & Regulate
10/21/2022Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Awareness Month
10/16/2022Do You Really Want Your Children to Attend College?
10/10/2022Removing Columbus Day is Not about Cancel Culture
10/5/2022Every Day Should Be Teachers’ Day
9/24/2022Washington Township Should Have Never Swapped the High School & Elementary Schools’ Start & End Times
9/22/2022Many Questions Bubble Up In Response to the IPS Rebuilding Stronger Proposal
9/20/2022Books Unite Us: The Importance of Banned Books Week
9/19/2022Bilingual Spanish & English Speaking Teachers Need Some Respect
9/12/2022How to Know If Your Children’s Teacher Has Quiet Quit
9/6/2022Bus Transportation Issues Continue in Washington Township
8/30/2022How Should Educators Use Social Media?
8/28/2022Why Do Two Charter Networks Want to Expand into Pike Township?
8/27/2022Culture Building & Teacher Choice is Needed Along with Professional Development
8/24/2022Professional Development Should be Differentiated
8/22/2022College Board Adds African American Studies Advanced Placement Course
8/21/2022Stop Focusing on Black Students’ Bodies, and Start Focusing on Their Academics
8/20/2022Stop Making Excuses and Start Saying Students’ Names Correctly
8/19/2022I Don’t Want to Help Clear Anymore Teachers’ Supply Lists
8/11/2022Washington Township Schedules Transportation Meeting to Address Parents’ Concerns
8/9/2022Building a Love of Reading Takes a Schoolwide Effort
7/31/2022Tindley Schools Drops Its ‘College or Die’ Motto
7/30/2022An Apology Isn’t Enough; Reconciliation Must Happen on Indigenous Peoples’ Terms
7/27/2022Should Schools Lock Away Students’ Cell Phones?
7/27/2022Teachers, Please Prioritize Your Health
7/25/2022Why I Differentiate Teacher PD
7/20/2022Teachers, Return Back to School with Balance & Boundaries
7/17/2022On Code & On Point: 8 Black Hands Provides Parent Guide
7/15/2022Start Strong: Parents, Ensure Your Children are Prepared for the First Day of School
7/9/2022Opening Horizons for Indy Kids
7/2/2022Student Agency Should Be Encouraged Not Feared
6/30/20223 Education Laws Taking Effect July 1 That You Should Know About
6/28/202221st Century Scholars Deadline Approaching Soon
6/27/2022Free Summer Meals Program Has Been Extended
6/26/2022Why Roe V. Wade Should Not Be Ignored By Educators
6/24/2022Black & LGBTQIA+: An Intersection Missing in the Classroom
6/23/2022Moving Beyond the Rainbow
6/18/2022Juneteenth is an Opportunity for Education & Celebration
6/15/2022The Indianapolis 2022 CREDO Report is Not the Flex Some School Choice Proponents Think It Is
6/11/2022Black Excellence Should Not Be the Exception But the Rule
6/6/2022Juneteenth Watermelon Salad and Other Missteps Tarnishes the Significance of Juneteenth
5/30/2022Can This Memorial Day Be the Last Time We Add Another School Shooting to the List
5/29/2022Don’t Forget About Black Race Car Drivers During the Indy 500
5/27/2022Victory Learning Center: A Mighty Micro-School
5/26/2022I Want to Be Armed with Teaching Tools, Not a Gun
5/25/2022A Reconsideration of ‘Too Many Graduations’
5/24/2022Field Trips Should Come Back Full Force During the 2022-2023 School Year
5/23/2022Village Where Y’all At?
5/11/2022A Look Back at My First Year as an Education Consultant
5/8/2022The Most Important Teaching Job
5/7/2022Churchill Downs is a Perfect Place for a Field Trip
4/30/2022Silencing Teachers is Not the Answer
4/29/2022Teacher Confessions: I Really Don’t Care for Teacher Appreciation Week
4/28/2022The Consequences of Banning Books
4/27/2022Canceled Juneteenth Soul Festival is a Learning Opportunity
4/26/2022Why a Black Academic Excellence Plan is Needed
4/25/2022Kids Should Be Exposed to Entrepreneurship
4/22/2022Earth Day is a Perfect Day to Adopt a Schoolyard
4/10/2022More Than a High School Fair
4/8/2022The Benefits of Having 2nd Graders Take IREAD-3
4/4/2022Works You Should Read from the Black Writers Whose Names Were Added to the Library Limestone
3/31/2022Bring Back Career Days
3/30/2022What to Do When You Find Out Your Child Has a Boo
3/28/2022Alopecia is Not a Joke: How We Can Support Students with Alopecia
3/27/2022Implement Spring Break BINGO for Your Bored Kids
3/26/2022‘Turning Red’ Reminds Us of the Importance of Youth Voice and Agency
3/24/2022‘Those who don’t build must burn’: The Real Story Behind Book Banning
3/20/2022‘Abbott Elementary’ is a Show for the Entire Family
3/17/2022Students Should Know Who Saint Patrick Was
3/8/2022Spring Break is a Great Time for a Reset
3/7/2022If You Want More Black Teachers, Stop Picking Lower Quality Teachers Over Them
2/28/2022The End of Black History Month Does Not Mean the End of Teaching Black History This School Year
2/26/2022Teachers Asked to Report Parents of Transgender Students for Child Abuse
2/26/2022IPS East Side Students Failed Yet Again
2/24/2022What is Black Excellence in Education?
2/23/2022Washington Township Schools Ends Mask Mandate
2/19/2022Indiana Department of Health No Longer Recommends Quarantining or Contact Tracing for COVID-19
2/16/2022Teacher Instructs Students to Draw Black People Picking Cotton During Black History Month
2/14/2022A Quality Preschool Experience Sets a Solid Foundation for Elementary School
2/12/2022When Work is Slowly Killing You
2/8/2022Everyone is Responsible for Teaching Black History
1/31/2022Talking about Sex Education Should Not Be Taboo
1/30/2022What is ‘Completely Unnecessary’ is Censoring History
1/25/2022Feedback Requested for Middle School Civics Standards
1/24/2022Updated COVID-19 Guidelines Might Convince School Districts to Implement a Mask Mandate
1/20/2022Do We Want Restoration or Retribution?
1/16/2022Dr. King Was More Than His ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech
1/14/2022Dr. Flora Reichanadter No Longer Superintendent of Pike Township
1/9/2022As COVID-19 Evolves So Does the Guidance for Schools
1/2/2022A Look Back at Indy K12 in 2021
1/1/2022Applying Kwanzaa Principles to Education: Imani