About Me

Mrs Barnes

I’m Shawnta (Shawn-tay) S. Barnes and I’m also known as Educator Barnes.  I am a married mother of identical twin boys.family

I believe being an educator is my calling.  Although I studied English education in college and have worked in the K-12 setting for years, I love to teach people more than how to analyze a text.  Below, I have included information about my various endeavors:

Teacher & Instructional Coach ~ https://educatorbarnes.com/k12resources/

This is my 12th year as an educator.  I currently serve as a Literacy Coach & English Teacher for Indianapolis Public Schools and an adjunct instructor for IUPUI’s School of Education.  I have taught students in all grades K-12 either as an English teacher or an English as New Language teacher.  I am an advocate for urban schools and culturally responsive education.


  • M.S. in Language Education            IUPUI
  • B.A. in English Education                 Purdue University


  • Language Arts 5-12
  • Reading P-12
  • English as a New Language P-12
  • Library/Media P-12
  • School Administration P-12

Writer & Editor



I am a writer for two publications, Indy/Ed and The Educator’s Room.

Indy/Ed is an education blog that is part of the Citizen Education network. This network includes blogs in L.A.D.C.NOLA and Memphis.  I also edit the work of my fellow Citizen Education writers.

The Educator’s Room is a publication where teachers are empowered as the experts in education.

In addition to writing for two education publications, I have had my poetry and articles published in other publications.  One day, I hope to publish a book.

Urban Gardener ~ https://www.gardenershicole.com/

The first website I created online was Gardener Shicole.  Shicole is my middle name and my nickname.  Because I established the Gardener Shicole website before I conceived Educator Barnes, I refer to myself as Gardener Shicole for all things garden related.  I grew up growing food with my parents and now I teach my children and other people I know how to grow their own food and make harvest meals.  You can follow my urban gardening journey on Twitter and Instagram @GardenerShicole.

Finance Coach ~ https://embcdfreeministry.wordpress.com/

In 2011, our family doubled and went from two to four.  In addition to the number of people in our family increasing, the amount of our debt increased too.  My husband and I were in debt due to infertility treatments, my two month hospitalization during my pregnancy, and our sons’ two month stay in the NICU, credit card debt, students loans, and vehicle loans.  We just wanted to find a way out and get our heads above water.  In 2012, when our church offered a dfree class, we decided to sign up and at the end of the course, we won the award for paying off the most debt.  Since 2012, we have eliminated over $100,000 in debt and we coach other people in the dfree lifestyle.

Genealogist ~ https://richardsonfamilylegacy.com/

A couple years after I graduated from Purdue University, I wanted to learn more about my paternal grandmother and her family.  My dad and I along with other family members began researching our family history.  This led to the creation of a 224 page Richardson family history book .  Then, I started learning more about being a genealogist and started researching other branches of my family.  Currently, I am converting the Richardson family history book to digital form, so it can be a living legacy.  I hope to do the same for other branches of my family.




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