Coronavirus Chronicles – Day 19

Busted! That’s exactly what happened to my sons. My sons have been doing Kumon Math for a while. One of my sons really loves math. If you have been reading these updates, you know he told his teacher he has been enjoying math at home. Today, when I told my sons to do their Kumon work for this week, I discovered that they did not finish their work from last week.

Last week, my sons had to check in with my husband or me. They took advantage of the fact that we did not talk to each other about what we checked. Of course, we verified if everything else got done, and it did. They were honest when they were caught. They decided to take extra free time instead. Deep down, I’m not mad. They have plenty of time to get caught up, but I also told them it is better to be honest instead of being sneaky.

Overall, they have enjoyed learning from us. Our boys are benefiting from the daily calm. They get up and do it daily without prompting. I told them to do it individually in their rooms because when we first started doing it, they were tickling each other and laughing. Now, they take it seriously, but they want to be together.

Since it is spring break, we gave them lots of extra free time. The one activity we did together was about the United Stated Census. We looked at the population change over time. I made a PowerPoint for them. I was definitely in Mrs. Barnes, the teacher, mode. 

Jerry and James working on the cenus activity.

Just for kicks, I added it to my Teachers Pay Teachers account. I haven’t uploaded anything on that site in a while. Shortly after I uploaded the PowerPoint, I sold a copy of the other item I had for sale from years ago. I currently have two items listed each for $2.50, and one item listed for free. I’m definitely am not going to get rich, but I don’t see the point in making my stuff more expensive.

James got to pull his crystals out that he had grown and put them on the crystal display. Unfortunately, some crystal pieces broke off while I was trying to help…I was trying to be careful, but my hands had other ideas. Nonetheless, they look great. The display has a light at the bottom. I’ll leave you with the pleasant image of his crystals. Hopefully, we can get Jerry’s out tomorrow.

Stay safe, and wash your hands correctly. Tschüss!

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