Coronavirus Chronicles – Day 12

I’m feeling overwhelmed. These are the words I just uttered to my husband before typing this. I am struggling to stay on top of stuff because apparently people think you are more available when you are home.

Today, I started the day by co-leading a meeting with all our middle school teachers. It went well. I suggested to my counterpart that we start with appreciations because teachers need to know that we care about them right now.

Next, I responded to work-related emails, text messages, and phone.

I left the house briefly to buy dirt because four of my raised garden beds arrived. I was not able to get enough because Jermaine couldn’t come with me. I need some extra manpower. The boy power that I had from my sons ended with a bag of dirt being dropped on my foot. Luckily, my foot is okay. We filled the four raised beds, but I’ll have to get more dirt before I can plant the seeds. On the way home from buying dirt, a teacher I supervise teacher. I talked to her on the phone while I was driving home.

I set up lunch and then did my second interview with a candidate via Zoom. Even though I told my kids I was unavailable and even though my husband was right there, they still came to me while I was leading the interview committee. Why???

Next, I led an E/LA department meeting. That went well. We had to troubleshoot how to narrow down the curriculum from 90 in person to 45 minutes online. All year I have been saying all 90 minutes are important, and now I had to say what was really important.

Then, I wrote a reference letter and discussed hiring decisions with my counterpart. Next, I responded to an email for a student who wants to take a college class I am teaching this summer…this summer! In the midst of all that, I was trying to help my third-grade twin boys navigate two different e-learning plans. I helped with Canvas, Dojo portfolio, and Flipgrid. I had to teach them how to send an attachment.

Before I told my husband I was overwhelmed, I said I was not cooking dinner. I love to cook. It is one of my favorite things to do. When I said I was not cooking, he probably already knew I was overwhelmed.

Next week is quarantine spring break. This should be fun. <please note sacrasm> I plan to buy my sons new bikes. We gave the bikes they outgrew to a friend.

Stay safe, and wash your hands correctly. Tschüss!

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