Coronavirus Chronicles – Day 23

I’m not feeling so great. I have been really tired. Working remotely is okay, but people need to be considerate of the fact that if you are a parent, you cannot prioritize your job over what is happening in your house. Some people are doing the most right now.

I’m vocal about what I’m doing. For example, I said to a person at work, “I’ll be able to meet with you after I make my sons lunch.” It is not that the work is hard; it is time-consuming. I’m doing my due diligence to document what I’m doing. It is not clear how educators will be evaluated yet. There is conversation happening according to Dr. McCormick our Superintendent of Public Instruction. I hope the considerations are reasonable, but I’m not worried. We had 3/4 of the year so far, so everyone should have at least one evaluation unless they were a spring hire.

Today was the official first day of e-learning for my sons. I did not have them start until I finished work at 4:30. One of my sons is still working right now; its 9:44 p.m. EST. This is not because there is a lot of work. He just thought he could pretend to work. I told him he could get done tonight or no free time tomorrow. Yeah, I said it, and I feel like I mean it right now. I’m not cruel, but I’m not about to have you messing around and getting off to a bad start. He’s working just fine now. I know part of him knows I wouldn’t take free time completely away, but the other part of him knows I would get creative with what his free time will be. I am not for empty threats, but as I stated earlier, I’m tired. That’s what came out of my mouth. 

Let’s pivot to some positive news. Since everyone else is showing off the food they have made, I have decided to get in on the action. Check out this (yes, number four got a little crispy). I made some French toast for lunch; We had breakfast, and then I did breakfast again for lunch. I even got the brioche bread. I haven’t made this in a couple of years. I even threw on some powdered sugar and pecans. This meal was on point if I do say so myself.

In other news, I turned in my plan of study for my doctoral program. Now, I’m working on my IRB proposal. I’m glad I have more time to read and write for this program, but it is still hard as hell.

I’m off to bed. Check back tomorrow to see if my child got free time or if mean mommy came out.

Stay safe, and wash your hands correctly. Tschüss!

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