Monday Musings: Remembering & Reflecting

This week was the first time I visited my father’s grave. It was a hard but necessary action I needed to take. Not ony did I spend this weekend remembering my dad other other loved ones who are no longer here, I took time to reflect on all that has occured since my dad died

Monday Musings: Praise Report

Growing up, I frequently remember people sharing praise reports in church. These reports would be people sharing about the good events happening in their lives. This year has been extremely hard so I thought I would use today to share what’s good with me. Class I have only been taking one graduate class for my

Monday Musings: My Own Space

I took a hiatus from my Monday Musings. I needed to focus on myself and my mental well being. That was time well spent. Of course, I am not out of the woods yet. Grief is a hard road to travel. It can be triggered so unexpectedly.  My dad died on January 2, 2021, and