Coronavirus Chronicles – Day 8

Welcome back to the second week of my Coronavirus Chronicles. I relaxed a lot during days 6-7 (aka the weekend). I wish I could share the overall message of the sermon I attempted to watch yesterday, but I can’t. Apparently, my couch does not provide optimal viewing for me staying awake during live stream church. I was knocked out half-way through the sermon. Sorry, Lord!

Today, we followed a new schedule. Click here to view it. You will notice that some activities have a time limit, but there are no start or end times for the activities. This allows my sons to work at their own pace. They used an online timer, that you can view here, to keep track of timed activities. After each activity, they would check in with one of us.

James working on Math

They really wanted to have a science focus, so I signed them up to work through a Biology course at their level on Khan Academy. They both really enjoyed it. Jeremiah was excited to complete some math challenge problems. He worked out the problems on paper, and I helped him take a photo and share it to his teacher on his Class Dojo portfolio. Then, he recorded a video of himself explaining his math work. You can check out a couple of videos, I took while he was recording the entire video.

The only substitution on the schedule was yoga. I was supposed to do it with them, but I didn’t feel like it. Instead, they kicked a soccer ball around outside for an hour.

The schedule worked well for everyone but Mr. Barnes. Mr. Barnes apparently needed some lovin’ time added to our daily schedule. I’m trying to work and dude is flirting with me hard. Finally, I sighed. He said, “What?” I told him that he knew what he was doing. Of course, he had to play dumb and reply, “What am I doing?” Are you for real right now? I’m over here writing work emails and reviewing documents. Finally, I said, “You are flirting with me, and I’m working.” He said, “So.” He did not say so in his regular voice if you know what I mean. Where is HR? Anyway, I don’t know how this is all going to work out. I did marry him for a reason. Yes, he is smart, but he looks good, too. Temptation city over here, and I’m trying to say focused and earn my paycheck while working at home.

I will apparently need to schedule quality time after lunch or something for Mr. Barnes, and it looks like we will have plenty of time for that since our Governor has issued a stay at home mandate for Indiana effective at 11:59 p.m. tomorrow.

Stay safe, and wash your hands correctly.

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