Monday Musings: Making Lemonade

I think we all have heard that when you get lemons, you should make lemonade; unfortunately, I have not seen much lemonade lately, only sour faces.

The situation we are in is not ideal, but there should be some balance between expressing frustration and finding some positive highlights. For example, I would be lying if I told you that my children weren’t getting on my nerves at some point during each day. This is mostly due to their inability to not have at least one argument every single day. Here’s a positive perspective. Since mostly everything is closed or canceled, neither my husband or I have missed putting our sons to bed. Each week, both or one of us has work or a meeting that causes us to miss bedtime. I’m happy to tuck them in even if part of that reason is I’m secretly happy that they can’t argue while they are sleeping.

I’m also liking how other opportunities are evolving. I have only been to three concerts ever in my life: Kanye West, MC Hammer, and Earth, Wind & Fire. I still want a refund for my Kanye West ticket. That was the first concert I ever attended. He came during the state fair and was one of the fair concerts. Dude threw a tantrum like a toddler because the audience wasn’t hyped enough. Enough about him. MC Hammer was my favorite concert. Even my husband danced in public. You have to understand that he never dances in public. The only exception was at our wedding.

Now, in our new quarantine life, you have DJ Nice and even Anthony Hamiltion providing free entertainment through Instagram. It might not be the same as being at a concert with friends, but I saw a lot of people having fun with their fellow quarantined family members.

This situation will probably get worse before it gets better. That’s when we have to dig deeper and squeeze those lemons harder to make that sweet lemonade.

Tune back in later today for the next installment of my Coronavirus Chronicles.

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