Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have closed for the remainder of the school year leaving parents scrambling to figure out how to support their children at home. As both an educator and parent, I truly understand this struggle, and I hope these resources are helping and not overwhelming.

Resource for Parents/Guardian

Parent Support for Online Learning Facebook Group 

African American Extraordinary and Gifted Homeschooling Resources Facebook Group

Resource for Educators

WIDA – Teaching Multilingual Learners Online

Resources for Parents & Educators

Reading (Story and Lesson/Activity)

Scholastic Learn at Home (Grades PreK-9) – Scholastic has provided free resources online, separated by grade, for students to complete.

Wit & Wisdom: Knowledge on the Go (Grades K-8)

Reading (Story only)

ABC Mouse Animated Fables & Beginning Readers (PreK-K)

CBS 4 Reads (Grades K-5) Click here to view Educator Barnes’ video!

Storyline Online (Grades K-5) 

Bluford High Series Audiobooks (Grades 6-9)

Lit 2 Go (Grades 6-12)

LeVar Burton Reads via Twitter Livestream (Grades K-5 Mondays at 12 p.m. & Grades 6-12 Wednesdays at 6 p.m.)

Math (Lessons)

Eureka Math: Knowledge on the Go (Grades K-12)

Math (Review, Games, or Challenges)

Counting Songs (PreK-1)

XtraMath Fact Fluency (Grades 2-5)

Get the Math (6-12)

Brain Genie (Grades 1-12)


Lakeshore Writing Prompts (Grades K-5)

Visual Writing Prompts (Grades 6-12)

Writing Prompts (Grades 7-12) Vocabulary (Grades PreK-12)


Art Choice Board (Grades K-8)


Mystery Science (Grades K-5)  

Amplify Science (Grades K-5)

The STEM Connection: STEM Quick Wins (K-5)

NASA Science: Space Place (Grades 2-5)

NASA Science: Space Place Español (Grades 2-5)

Scholastic ScienceFlix (Grades 3-6)

PhD Science: Knowledge on the Go (Grades 3-5)

History/Social Studies

Government Career Videos for Kids (Grades K-5)

Scholastic TrueFlix (Grades 3-6)

CNN 10 (News for Students) – (Grades 5-12)

The History Channel: This Day in History (Grades 6-12)

Health & Nutrition

National Agriculture in the Classroom (Grades 3-6)

Multiple Subjects (Reading, Math, Science, and History)
Khan Academy (Grades K-12)

Ted-Eds (Grades 5-12; view content prior to showing to grades 4 and under)