Hey Shawnta! – 2022

In September 2022, I began writing a column called Hey Shawnta! for Education Post. Through this column I answer education questions for educators, parents, community members, students … anyone who what to get a better grasp of the education landscape.

If you do have questions for me, please email them to info@brightbeam.org.

Below, you can read what I wrote in 2022.

To read my work from other years, click on the year: 2023

12/19/2022Hey Shawnta! Should I Make My Child Do the Winter Break Packet?
12/19/2022Hey Shawnta! What Should Parents Do With the Information From Emily Hanford’s Podcast ‘Sold a Story’?
12/9/2022Hey Shawnta! How Can My School Get a Hallway Heroes Program?
11/29/2022Hey Shawnta! As a Former School Administrator, What Are Some Red Flags for Potential Teaching Candidates?
11/28/2022Hey Shawnta! Why Do First-Gen Immigrant Students Score Higher Than Native-Born American Students on All Standardized Achievement Tests?
11/11/2022Hey Shawnta! How Can We Ensure Students Learn About Our Veterans?
11/3/2022Hey Shawnta! My Son’s Teacher Keeps Kicking Him Out of Class. He Is Already Behind and Can’t Learn in the Hall. What Can I Do?
10/26/2022Hey Shawnta! NAEP Scores Are a Disaster. How Do We Improve Students’ Academic Outcomes?
10/20/2022Hey Shawnta! I Hate My School, My Principal, and My Job. I Love the Students, but I Don’t Think I Can Make It Through This Year. What Should I Do?
10/13/2022Hey Shawnta! How Can I Ensure My Children’s School Incorporates Their Latino Heritage After Hispanic Heritage Month Ends?
10/6/2022Hey Shawnta! How Do We Get Educators More Informed About the Benefits of Flexible Seating?
9/29/2022Hey Shawnta! My Children Fell Behind During the Pandemic and I Don’t See Our School Helping Them Catch Up. I Don’t Have Money for Private Tutoring. What Can I Do?
9/21/2022Hey Shawnta! My Principal Started the Year by Showing Us Student Data From Last Year. We Were Told to ‘Do Better,’ but Weren’t Given Real Strategies. What Do I Do Now?
9/14/2022Hey Shawnta! How Can I Connect With Parents When I Don’t Speak Their Primary Language?
9/7/2022Hey Shawnta! How Do I Build a Relationship With My Child’s Teacher When We Only Connect Through Remind?