Resources for Justice

Resources for Justice

Compiled by Educator Barnes

When I first started compiling these resources, I wrote down all of the words that came to mind to encompass what I was compiling. Those words were anti-racism, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. Then, I thought about dividing this page into sections for each of those words, but the reality is many of the resources I found could address multiple areas. Instead, I focused on the ultimate goal which is justice. If we are actively anti-racist, checking our biases and privilege, fighting for equity and diversity, then and only then, will we have justice for everyone. This should be the ultimate goal which is why this page is called resources for justice.

I want this page to be a living document to house the resources I come across. That is the intention behind my website and why my slogan is Educator Barnes: Empowering Minds One Resource at a Time. Most of the resources below are resources I have read, watched, and/or used. If that is not the case, there is a notation beside the resource.

As this is a living document, I will adjust the page as needed. If you have resources you would like me to consider, please let me know!

DEI Articles/Posts – Below includes articles and posts that could be used to challenge your thinking or used as an entry point to begin a professional development.

Education Advocacy & Activism Publications – Above, I have identified articles and posts from several publications. These publications might exclusively cover education or the publication covers education in addition to other issues. If you want to have constant content, you should follow some of these publications. I have included the publications that I enjoy. Of course, I have included Indy K12 where I am the editor-in-chief!

Books – If it is an individual book listed, I have read it and believe it would be beneficial for children and/or adults. The book could be used to bolster a curriculum or used for a reading club to begin to make changes in the education field. If the link is a list of books, I have not read all the books on the list; however, I believe the source that complied the list is a good resource.

Movies and Video Clips – These video clips can be entry points of learning more about a topic. They can be incorporated into a classroom curriculum or professional development.

Black Excellence/History – School curriculum can be #SoWhite. This list is a place to show Black Excellence. My hope is to read about at least 366 Black people to add below. Why at least 366? Black History should be 365 days a year, but we can’t forget Leap Year where it should be 366. That’s why this list is numbered and not bulleted, so I can keep track on my progress.

  1. Anna Murray Douglass – The Hidden History
  2. Jermaine Barnes – Interview with a Database Administrator
  3. DeAndra Beard – Beyond Barcodes Books
  4. Desmond Bunnell Interview with a Pilot
  5. Annie Malone & Madam C.J. Walker – Pioneers of the African American Beauty Industry
  6. George McKibben – Math Teacher
  7. Dr. Pat Payne – Racial Equity
  8. Madeline Swegle – First Black Female US Navy Fighter Pilot
  9. Bellen Woodard – Crayon Activist
  10. A Complete List of Every Black Medal of Honor Recipient in U.S. History

Deaf & Blindness Student Resources – Here are resources to support students who are deaf or blind.

Resources for Classroom Lessons – It’s time to decolonize our lessons, units, and curricula and ensure we are culturally responsive. I have included resources that educators might want to incorporate into their lessons.

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Additional Resources – Most of these resources include multiple resources. I am not familiar with all of the resources included in the links below, but I thought the resources were worth sharing. Anything that doesn’t fit in a category above is also listed here.