My Reviews

I have served in many roles. Here is feedback/reviews I have received.

School Administrator

This is a review from one of the teachers I supervised.

Shawnta was my dean and academic coach at Enlace Academy for 2 years. I am very thankful for the time I had under Shawnta’s leadership. All of my interactions with Shawnta were honest, helpful, and efficient. Shawnta always made me feel trusted and supported as a teacher in the classroom. As a fellow Language Arts teacher, she had an abundant amount of resources, connections, and practical strategies that grew me as a professional. I learned a lot about myself, my students, my content, and my future goals with Shawnta’s guidance and support. – Katy Kanas, Middle-School Language Arts Teacher (Permission was granted to post review with the teacher’s name)

These are comments from my director supervisor surveys.

My direct supervisor is very logical and thinks through everything. She thinks about the impact of everything and how it affects everything.

Shawnta is very fair and logical. She does not have things set in stone when she approaches you. She listens and takes your thoughts and feedback into consideration.

Never had the feeling Shawnta didn’t have my back.

She always has insight on how to address concerns and achieve goals

Shawnta does her best to support her team in the way that they need. She is always open to feedback, and always seeks my input about changes, ideas, etc. I feel like a valued, trusted educator on her team.

Thank you for always being honest (even when we may not like the answer) and transparent. Your dedication to hold us to high standards and helping us to grow as individuals and teachers (all while helping us to get there) is much appreciated! I know you are helping make our school a better place to be because of your care and concern for your teachers and our students. Thank you for always being willing to lend your ear for whatever we need from you. I know that at every point you have our backs and I couldn’t ask for a better leader! Thank you!


These are comments from my course evaluation.

Professor Barnes did an excellent job! The class was fun and challenging. I really appreciated her teaching style, she had great, positive vibes. Wonderful!

Professor Barnes is awesome. She does a really good job of synthesizing what is often very complicated course material. She also does a really good job of drawing from her personal experiences as a secondary educator. It seems like her highest priority is to prepare her (IUPUI) students for the challenge of teaching literacy to young people. She isn’t just teaching concepts/theories for the sake of teaching them. I honestly think she is the perfect person to teach the course.

I really enjoyed the class, in fact loved it! Instructor was very open-minded, she was fair, funny, and flexible. She made me feel so comfortable at times i felt like she was my friend! She was great! 🙂 I have so much respect of her and I hope someday I would be a teacher just like her 🙂


These are public comments on my articles.

On point! Thank you for stating what needs to be shared. It also lets others know they are not alone in what they are experiencing, thinking, feeling, black consciousness, bringing others to table, power, Curriculum changes, and action. I hope you continue to write more pieces. – Clark Inez

Dear Educator Barnes,
Greetings from Uganda! Thank you so much your informative, educative and inspiring ideas. Schools nurture people and all of us are products of the school system! Therefore it is important that schools should prepare all learners that Black or people of color are human beings and are as important as other races. The solid foundation for Justice and Democracy is Equality which must be mainstreamed in the school curriculum. I concur with you!!!
Good day, David

As someone who follows your posts and writing, please keep up the important messages/insight you have to share. – Christy Chappell