Monday Musings: The End is Near

I never been one of those teachers that count down until the end of the school year except for this school year. I’m tired. I’m exhausted. Heck, I’m down over ten pounds in the last two months.

This school year was surprisingly hard. It became clear to me shortly after the school year began that I was not a good fit for my school. I was determined to overcome it but not anymore. The root of my frustration was I did not want to interview again. The desire not to interview caused me to ignore huge red flags. I’m not ignoring them anymore.

I had to interview last summer because my position was eliminated. This time it is my choice, and I’m at peace with it. I even gave up something I enjoy during lent to pray over this situation and a few other situations that were troubling my thoughts.

I don’t want to be seen as a job hopper; however, I need to stop worrying about that because I only interviewed last year because I had no choice. I wasn’t intending to hop. This time I need to hop to a different situation. I know there isn’t a perfect school, but your school should be a place you are happy to enter each day. I am happy to see my students, but I am not happy to enter my building.

I did not feel like that last school year. I hate this feeling, but I know each situation I face is a point of growth. The good news is I am already hearing from different schools based on either a previous interview I did or based on who I am as an educator.

I don’t know what’s next. I’m a little nervous about what’s next, but I’m also excited. Here’s to taking a risk and taking action to change my current situation.

If you are in a situation you don’t like, get out. Trust me. It isn’t worth spinning your wheels when you could be somewhere else and better able to make an impact.

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  1. I would like to know more about your concerns/ feelings of dissatisfaction with your present situation. Perhaps I have been there and have experienced similar feelings of discontent.

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