Monday Musings: Educator Barnes’ September Review

POPSeptember was a busy month.  On top of writing articles, filming videos, being a guest for other publications, I also had to get my Ph.D. assignments completed.  Most of this month I slept three-five hours a night because I had so much work to do.  The good part is that I am enjoying what I am doing and I love being a writer.

I’m reorganizing my schedule to help me get more sleep.  Mr. Barnes was rambling about me being cranky or something…nonetheless, I know I must sleep more. Check back for the October review to see if that actually happens.

Here’s my work from September.  

Education in Our Schools Articles

indy ed

9/26/2018 College Application Day
9/25/2018 Banning Books Silences Stories and It Kills a Love of Reading
9/23/2018 Do Fountas and Pinnell Care if Children of Color and Poor Children Can Read?
9/21/2018 Cafeteria Food Sucks for All Students, so When are We Going to Address This Issue in Schools?
9/20/2018 If We Don’t Support the Whole Child, Violence in School Will Continue
9/19/2018 Should Corporal Punishment Make a Comeback in Schools?
9/15/2018 School Leaders Need to Pay Attention to World Afro Day

TER Writer

9/23/2018 3 Reasons to Burn Reading Logs
9/16/2018 Social Media: Should You Friend and Follow Your Colleagues?

Education in Our Schools Videos

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9/24/2018 Say and Spell My Name Correctly Challenge (VIDEO)
9/2/2018 Regulating Black Hair is a Way to Control Black People & Traumatize Black Children (VIDEO)
9/1/2018 Black with Kids:  When Will Having a Black Teacher Become the Norm Not the Exception? (VIDEO)

GSUrban Gardening Educational Articles

9/29/2018 It’s Time to Ketchup!
9/5/2018 Stacking Green

Podcast Guest

9/17/2018 dfree Podcast: In the Black Episode 50: In the Black with Jermaine and Shawnta Barnes
9/9/2018 Truth for Teachers Podcast Why great teachers get saddled with the biggest workload (and how to advocate for yourself)

Guest Writer

9/10/2018 One Voice Blog Magazine Was School Integration a Blessing or a Curse?

I appreciate your readership.  If there is something you would like me to write about or talk about on video about, please let me know.  Thanks!

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