Monday Musings: Closing Chapter 38

Today is the last page in chapter 38. It has been a wild and difficult ride. My dad only entered the chapter in flashbacks and items he left behind. Color in my life dimmed a bit without him here anymore. I’m not sure if the full color will return; instead, I’m adjusting to what I’m left with. I didn’t realize how huge a space my dad consumed of my life until he wasn’t here to fill it. Without him here, many details I wanted to share seemed to not matter because I didn’t tell him first. I had to decided whether to grieve and freeze or survive and thrive. I chose to thrive and my path to thriving has been well worth the exploration.

Here is what I have learned about myself as this chapter comes to a close.

1. I don’t have time to help solve other people’s problem especially when my needs are sacrificed.

2. Backing off from being a borderline helicopter parent allowed my boys to thrive. (Both sons had straight As in all classes all year in 5th grade and had 100% in some subjects without me hovering)

3. I really like wearing pants jumpsuits with pockets.

4. I need alone time to rejuvenate.

5. I still need my Dad, but he left me with the tools to be successful.

6. There is a blessing in every day even if all I can say is “God, thanks for waking me up for another day.”

7. Romantic love can sizzle or fizzle depending on where you put your energy.

8. I am more than enough even on days when everything goes wrong.

9. My afro is dope!

10. Just like my garden, I grow only if I’m taken care of properly.

Chapter 39 loading tomorrow!

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