Book Review – Ada Twist, Scientist: The Why Files – All About Plants!

While visiting a STEM camp for girls, I had the opportunity to look through the books the girls were able to read. I came across Ada Twist, Scientist: The Why Files – All About Plants! by Andrea Beaty and Theanne Griffith, Ph.D. Author Andrea Beaty, who has a degree in biology and computer science, is the author behind The Questioneer series. The purpose of this series is to get kids to read, think, and question. The Ada Twist books are part of this series. The co-author of this book is Theanne Griffith, Ph.D., a neuroscientist. This book was a joy to read.

Beaty and Griffith did a thorough job of explaining all the details of plants from the parts, how they get their color, and what they need to survive, to name a few aspects that were covered. Additionally, the pictures and illustrations were vivid and brought concepts covered to life. The concepts were not only rooted in America. Part of the book talked about how plants have been used by humans as medicine for ages. The authors provided examples from the Mohegan people, the Incas, and ancient Egypt. 

There was even a poem in the book written by Ada Twist.

Botanist Naomi Fraga was included as well as scientists from the past like Jane Colden, George Washington Carver, Thomas Wyatt Turner, and Marie Clark Taylor.

Because this series pushes kids to think and question, it ended with questions that Ada Twist still had, followed by some science activities.

For parents and teachers who are looking for a detailed book about plants, consider this one. 

Rating: 5/5

Suggested GradesK-3

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