Breonna Taylor Still Needs Justice

I was born in Jeffersonville, Indiana. For those who don’t know, this city is right across the bridge from Louisville, Kentucky. Many of my maternal relatives still live there. When my aunt told me on Tuesday, they had restricted access to downtown Louisville, I knew Breonna Taylor was not going to receive any justice.

Being Black in America is trying to live your best life while KNOWING that your life or the life of someone you love could be taken at any moment.

Being Black in America means that even if celebrities put up billboards with your picture, wear shirts with your name on it, and mention you when they have the public’s attention, it still won’t help you receive justice.

Being Black in America is hoping that maybe, this time, America will prove you wrong and actually show you that your life matters … only for you to receive another confirmation that it does not.

Being Black in America is receiving this news during the work day and pretending outwardly that your heart isn’t breaking inside because the show must go on.

Being Black in America is knowing that some day, sooner rather than later, this cycle will start up again.

My Black life matters! I’m exhausted from trying to convince people. Being Black in America is not having time to rest because there is ALWAYS another fight.

I’ll keep fighting because my life and too many others lives depend upon us not losing hope and giving up the fight.



  1. Yes, every day I’m reminded that my Blackness is received by people before I can even present myself.
    The same way that you can a person wearing bright neon colored clothes in the distance before you can actually see their figure, colonists react to my skin. Unlike the shiny clothes, they can’t get past the color of my skin until I leave.
    That’s all.


  2. I was mad about that because all of the police officers involved in it need to have life in prison and we a black people we still have to fight a good fight and when the black guy got on their being a Uncle Tom I walked out of the room because he was taking their sides

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