Monday Musings: Trust Your Employees

Right before winter break, my principal gave us a coupon book. One of the coupons was a work from home day. I used my coupon today. I think more principals should give other administrators in their building this perk.

I think about the last time I was in my office. I had six visitors within one hour. I was only in my office for my work hours, which I scheduled into my day to maximize my time. It was hard to get my tasks completed when I was interrupted so many times.

Today, while I was at home, there was no one to bother me. I went from task to task, and my principal trusted that I would get work done and not Netflix and chill. When employees feel trusted it can help increase retention.

I wish I could have a work from home day every single month. Forget stupid jeans day. I don’t care about that. This perk helped me be more productive in a place I love, my home. This was the best gift ever from a boss!

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  1. Very positive article about supervisors and a way they can think outside the box to help their employees.

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