Monday Musings: Full of Thanks

Normally, in December, I write a post to thank everyone for reading what I write. Why wait until then? I am incredibly grateful for those of you who read everything I write. I write a lot, and there you are reading it. I appreciate the comments, the questions, and the messages of support. I’m internally driven to be an advocate, but your support is part of the fuel that drives me forward. Your support has an impact on me.

Here’s my challenge. If someone has made an impact on you, thank them. Let them know how you feel. During the last couple of years, people really important to me have passed away. Don’t let anyone pass away without letting them know how much you appreciate them. Thank them for their presence and guidance in your life.

Tomorrow is not promised. If I don’t get another tomorrow, I want my readers to know I am thankful for their support.

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