Monday Musings: Take a Break or Push Through?


…so I’m sick right now.  I might have a fever, but I don’t know.  Of course, the thermometer stops working when mom needs to use it.


I started going downhill when the weekend began, but I already had put on my calendar that I was going to go to work.  I’m a pretty scheduled person because of various commitments and I knew it might be a few weeks before I could go in again on a Saturday.  I like my new job, but there are all these random loose ends that need to be taken care of that are driving me crazy.

This is how my conversation about working on Saturday went with my hubby

Me: Do you mind coming to work with me to help me get some stuff done?

Hubby: Yes.

Me:  Did you mean yes, you mind?

Hubby: Yep.

Me:  Are you serious right now.

Hubby: Yep.

Me: Is that all you have to say?

Hubby: Nope.

Me: Well!

Hubby: It’s the weekend and I don’t want to go to your job; I want to chill and you need to rest.

Me: So, you are not coming?

Hubby: Was free labor part of the contract of marrying a teacher?

I won’t bore you with the rest of the conversation, but he and my boys came to my school on Saturday.  My boys helped and hubby mostly relaxed in a chair, texted his friends in a group chat and watched videos on his phone.  He did help right before we left so I could hurry up and get finished.


I was up at 3 a.m. and was miserable.  By 6:30 a.m., I was dressed and driving to the store to buy various medicines and wondering if I should have stayed home on Saturday.

I did go to church but don’t ask me to summarize the sermon…


It was a looooooooooooong day.  Part of me wanted to stay home, but I hate taking off work on a Monday or a Friday.  I never want to seem like one of those people who like to make the weekend longer.

The technology was acting up in the media center so my lessons were not going as planned.  By the time I got to the second half of the day, I was on back up plan D.  That’s a life of a teacher, right?

Right now…

Before I sat down to write, my hubby had poured out some medicine for me to take.  I did not want to take it.  Dude, had it all measured out in a cup like I was some kid….rambling on about, “You didn’t take all the medicine you were supposed to yesterday.”  Deep down, I knew it would be petty not to take it just because he poured it into a cup when I really needed it.

After feeling crappy all day, I realize that my hubby was right and that I should have stayed home this weekend.  It is not always worth pushing through.  Take care of yourselves!

P.S. If there are errors in this piece, I blame it on the medicine.  Good night!


    1. Thanks. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and I have an upper respiratory infection and a sinus infection. I stayed home from work today, but I’m going back tomorrow.

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