Monday Musings: March Writing & Podcast Review

I felt the March Madness this month. I’ve been crazy busy, but I don’t mind it because I’m doing what I love. This month, I had work published by One Voice Blog Magazine, The Phoenix Soul, The 74: Keeping It 100, and of course, Indy K12 and The Educator’s Room. Since spring is here, I am also recording videos and writing blog posts for Gardener Shicole.

I also finished up my first ten podcast episodes. I decided that I would have ten weeks of episodes and one month off. It will give me time to record the next round and respond to listeners.

I also accepted a part-time Editor’s role for The Educator’s Room. Yes, this woman is busy…or you can say I’m non-stop just like the title of that song in Hamilton: An American Musical. You guys know I can’t help including a Hamilton reference in my writing.

Check out my work, and let me know what you think.

Thanks for supporting my work.

3/26/2019 When School Discipline Goes Wrong
3/25/2019 Lawmakers Approve Bill To Improve Safety of Students Who Ride the Bus
3/24/2019 Relax Teachers and Enjoy Your Spring Break
3/22/2019 Indiana Educators Shot with Fake Bullets to Prepare for School Shootings
3/19/2019 Teachers, Keep Going
3/17/2019 Don’t Forget the Unsung Heroes of Women’s History Month
3/15/2019 How are We Empowering Girls in the Classroom?
3/13/2019 A Stolen Education
3/9/2019 When Schools Retaliate Against Teachers, Everyone Loses
3/6/2019 You Have to Teach Behavior Just Like You Teach Academics
2/10/2019 Why School Father & Daughter Dances are Antiquated

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3/26/2019 The 74: Keeping It 100 Let’s Not Forget Native American Students When Speaking Up for Underserved Students of Color
3/16/2019 One Voice Blog Magazine My Calling as an Educator and an Advocate
3/15/2019 The Phoenix Soul Shawnta S. Barnes: Artist Profile

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