Book Review – I Own My Magic: Self-Talk for Black Women – Affirmations for Self-Care & Empowerment

This year, my family had brand new stockings for Christmas. Our previous stockings had been purely for decoration and couldn’t hold much. If you have a stocking, you need stocking stuffers. After purchasing some stocking stuffers for my husband and sons, I decided to go to the book section of the big box store I was in. That is when I saw G. Michelle Goodloe, LCWS’s book I Own My Magic: Self-Talk for Black Women. Extra Bonus: It was small enough to fit in my stocking. I finally finished the book during Women’s History Month.

This is a book and journal. At the end of each section, there are writing prompts for self-reflection. I read through the book for the first time to solely read. My second read through will include answering the questions.

Although I don’t care for the term “Black Magic,” I do believe Goodloe has crafted a helpful tool for Black women to better care for themselves. What I appreciated most was her transparency about her experience as well as her validation of experiences that can be common among Black women.

If you are a Black woman, trust me, you want to make time for this book. It is an easy read and the book is small enough to fit in a stocking or a purse.

Rating: 4.5/5

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