Monday Musings: Spread Hope, Not Fear

“You do too much!”


The exception now is I’m trying to only do things that I want to do. If I am busy but having fun, I don’t feel busy. I feel joy. Sometimes, people won’t let you have your joy because they want to tell you every single thing that could go wrong. I’m a practical person. I believe you should think about potential pitfalls and try to avoid them, but I don’t think your time should be consumed with that. I don’t want to live in the land of regret or the land of the fear of failure.

Specifically, there is fear that my business will fail. Yes, I know businesses have been ending but I didn’t wake up one day during the pandemic and start a business, nor I am knocking those that did. My education consulting business was born from years of work. The only difference is I’m doing it full-time.

Even though I worry about my students, I always tell them to follow their dreams. Instead of telling them everything that could go wrong I want to empower them to learn more so everything will go right. That’s all I want for myself. If the advice you have is doom and gloom, keep it moving.

As Black pastors say sometimes, “Come closer.” I’m doing okay and would still be doing okay without Mr. Barnes. Before you start tripping, my marriage is fine. There is an assumption that if a woman goes and starts a business, she can only do it because she has her husband’s salary. Don’t get me wrong; two incomes are great. However, my father did not raise me to depend on a man, and my mother always told me, “A man is not a plan.”

What I have achieved thus far is the culmination of years of works. I grind hard every day, but I enjoy it because I’m creating the path that I want, and along the way, I am helping others.

If there is someone you know that is doing something new, celebrate them and then … celebrate them some more.

Also, I’m trying to learn something else … how to make Reels. Essentially you mix and match audio or music from someone else to make your own content. Below, is my first reel which has the same message as this post, I suppose. 

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