Monday Musings: Praise Report

Growing up, I frequently remember people sharing praise reports in church. These reports would be people sharing about the good events happening in their lives. This year has been extremely hard so I thought I would use today to share what’s good with me.


I have only been taking one graduate class for my doctoral program for most of the semesters. This spring I took two, and right before the semester began, my dad died. I seriously considered quitting. What is the point of finishing if my dad couldn’t see me graduate? People in my life, including my professors, helped me get to the finish line. I earned two As.


As many of you know I have four areas of certifications for teaching. My fifth educator certification is building level administrator. On Friday, I moved from an initial practitioner license to a proficient practitioner license.


People are listening, and I am grateful!

My Office

My office is coming together. I have my dad’s desk, his chair, and picture of him and me that he had in his office.

I’m grateful for this progress. In the midst of pain and sorrow, joy can shine through!

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  1. Mrs. Shawnta Barnes!

    Your father, now, has all the time in the Universe to just relax and be Proud Of You!
    Consider your Praise Reports shared and appreciated even outside of the church!
    We love you!


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