Monday Musings: Scroll On

Whew! People seem to be losing it lately. 2020 is quickly coming to a close, and I have seen too much drama and unnecessary bickering on social media lately. Even people I know have been swept up. I read conversations about people arguing about kettles, elf on the shelf, mandatory vaccines for NYC teachers, the presidential election, mask mandates, if teachers are working hard enough, if teachers should complain on social media, and the literary canon/classic literature. Some people are going back and forth online. I, admittedly, wasted moments of my life reading about these various arguments. I won’t waste moments of yours by linking to any of this information here.

I tested negative for COVID-19, so I will have my hysterectomy tomorrow. In the midst of getting my life in order for that, it just wasn’t worth it to respond or engage even though I do have strong opinions about the literary canon and the topics concerning educators. At some point, I decided to scroll on. I encourage people to do this. 

It is not worth the time and energy arguing with someone on the internet … especially if you don’t know them in real life. I also block, mute, or remove people from my social media feed if I feel like I might be tempted to engage in the foolery. Life is too short, and honestly, in 2020, we have spent too much time online and on technology. It’s time to unplug and take breaks from social media.

Whether you are into the holidays around this time or not, I think spending time away or even decreasing time on social media would be helpful. 2020 is definitely going to be a year to remember, but I know I am blessed. This year has not been perfect, but my family is safe and loved. I have a job, food, and a roof over my head. I want to spend more time focus on my blessing than trying to when an argument with someone online.

If you pray, please consider praying for me. My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. 

Let’s make this a great day!


  1. Cousin, you are so right!

    Sometimes I go online ‘looking for fights’. If I can’t find one, I’ll start one!
    I exaggerate. However, it is HARD to just scroll past some bull-shiitake on a topic you’re close to.

    That silliness aside; Prayers for a successful surgery and a Happy Holiday!


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