Monday Musings: Transitioning into a New Role

As you are reading these words, I am beginning my first day as a school administrator. Over the last 13 years of my career, I have been blessed with the opportunity to use all four of my teaching licenses. For the majority of my career, I have either served as a middle school or high school English/language arts teacher which allowed me to use my 5-12 English/language arts license. I was able to use my P-12 English as a new language license when I served as a K-5 English as a new language teacher. Then, I used my P-12 reading license when I served as an elementary and then high school literacy coach. Most recently, I used my P-12 library/media license when I served as a K-6 elementary library/media specialist. All those experiences led me to my current point in my career where I am now serving as a 5-8 middle school dean.

I have had my P-12 building level administration license for two years. I was even offered an assistant principal job immediately after obtaining my license that I turned down. Now, I believe I am ready to make the transition from teacher to administrator. I’m taking a risk. I know I am a good teacher. Will I become a good administrator? I’m embarking on a new path, and I could fail. Despite this possibility, I am willing to take a leap of faith.

In my new role, I hope to empower other teachers as leaders and help them improve their craft. My role as dean is focused on academics. I will be responsible for supporting all teachers, grades 5-8, who teach English/language arts or social studies and the art teacher.

I’m thankful to my mentors who have encouraged me and to current administrators who have already reached out to be my thought and support partners.

Today begins my 14th year as an educator and my first day as an administrator. I’m ready to grow and serve.


  1. Good Morning Educator Barnes,

    Congrats on the next step in your education career!

    I’m sure you will thrive in your new role.


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