Monday Musings: June Writing & Podcast Review

My weekly Monday Musings went on a hiatus for a few weeks. I’m on summer break and needed to unwind. I also was finishing up some tasks for my new company. If you missed my post about that, click here to learn more.

I was notified my site has been getting lots of traffic this summer. Thank so much to everyone who reads the thoughts floating around in my head. I especially love reader comments and messages. They challenge me, excite me, and gives me new ideas.

If you missed what I did write and talk about back in June, check out the rest of this post.

6/29/2019 African-American Excellence in Education Awards
6/23/2019 Catholic School Takes Stance Against Firing Gay Teacher during Pride Month
6/22/2019 Opinion: Aleesia Johnson Can Move IPS in the Right Direction
6/20/2019 Interview:  Lloyd Wright, the New Principal of Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School
6/19/2019 When Will Juneteenth Come for Black Students?
6/18/2019 What is a Good School?
6/15/2019 IPS Releases Names of Superintendent Candidates
6/11/2019 What Schools Can Learn from the SZA Sephora Incident
6/8/2019 Creating a Literacy-Rich Environment for Your Children
6/7/2019 Let’s Keep it 100; Summer Reading is Important
6/27/2019 Five Gems of Knowledge I Learned at the Annual Teacher Self-Care Conference

I recorded the following episodes last month:

BE S2: Episode 14 – Autonomy: Give Teachers Their Independence Back

BE S2: Episode 13 – Ten Takeaways from the Teacher Self-Care Conference

BE S2: Episode 12 – Joy Journaling as a Form of Self-Care

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