Monday Musings: It’s Hard Not to be Hard on Yourself

img_6129I’m in this Ph.D. program at the moment.  This is my first semester in the program and I am currently taking two classes.  I received my grade on my first essay.  It was an 89% B+.  This grade is so frustrating because it is so close to the A range.

I know I should be happy that it wasn’t a grade of C or D or F, but I wanted an A.  I know this is just the first assignment and I am getting back into the swing of writing academic work, but I’m still not satisfied.

I decided to open a Google document and keep notes of feedback so I can be mindful of issues my professor highlighted in his comments on my paper.  That’s the only advice I can offer when you can’t get past how you are feeling about a situation. You have to take some sort of action to help you next time.  For me, it is creating this document.

I’m waiting on another assignment to be returned…so we shall see how I feel after I receive that grade.



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  1. You are way too hard on yourself.  Trust me, after this is said and done, no employer will care about your grades but your work ethics will count.Aunt Sue

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