Monday Musings: Life in the Black


Many people know about our journey to add children to our family.  I was told during the second year of marriage that the chance of me ever getting pregnant without any intervention was between 1/2-1%.  Because we wanted children, we went through years of infertility treatments and tons of cash.  We got to the point where we had to borrow money.  The year we took out a loan to cover the next infertility treatments was the same year, I found out it had worked…and I was pregnant with twins.  The joy quickly turned to anxiety after several medical scares where I thought I had lost the pregnancy.  I ended up being rushed to the hospital during the school day and being put on bedrest for four months.  Two of those months, I was in the hospital.  After four months on bedrest, our sons were born ten weeks early and had to also stay in the hospital for two months.  If you add all of that up, that is six months of hospital bills, plus the loan we took out, plus normal bills, and then a daycare bill since I had to go back to work so we wouldn’t be under a mountain of debt forever.  This is when we decided to learn about dfree.  At this point, we thought it really couldn’t get any worse.

Since 2012, we have eliminated over $100,000 of debt.  Last month, we paid off my husband’s student loans.  Now, the only debt we have is my SUV (which I had to purchase after some idiot hit and totaled my car that had been paid off for six years) and the mortgage on our house.  The silver lining is because we were committed to the dfree lifestyle, I was able to upgrade from a car to an SUV unannounced and was able to put down a decent down payment.  I got my SUV right before Christmas 2017 and we have already paid off 1/3 of the loan balance and hope to have it 100% paid off by the end of 2019.

Today, at 5 p.m. my husband and I are featured on the dfree podcast In the Black, where we share an update of where we are today.

Click here to listen to the podcast.  Below is a video of us shortly after began the dfree lifestyle and won a dfree contest at our church (You get to see all my post twin pregnancy chubby face-ha!).

If you want to know more about dfree, please let me know.

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