Book Review – Earth Yay!

Earth Yay! by Johnathan Sundy is a book aimed at young children to give them some basic knowledge about the eight planets in our solar system. If you are a millenial like I am, you remember the solar system once had nine planets. That is not the case any longer, so you will not find Pluto in this book.

In addition to learning basic facts about each planet, children learn a small lesson about liking yourself as Earth who is personified with human characterisitics just like his friends (the other planets) is grappling with what makes him special.

The book has a good pace and gives children basic exposure to the fact that there are other planets in addition to the one they currently live on. For parents or teachers looking to make an introduction to planets, this book is a good place to start.

Additionally, this book can be found in the Vooks platform where books are brought to life in video format.

Rating: 4/5

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