Book Review – Fahrenheit 451 

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a classic text that I finally read this year. Being an English teacher for over a decade, I knew what the book was about and the major plot points. Knowing that information still isn’t the same as reading the book for yourself. Bradbury is a master at science-fiction writing, and sci-fi is one of my favorite genres to read and watch in movies and television shows. Bradbury did not disappoint in this book.

The book centers around Guy Montag who is a firefighter. In this book, firefighters do not put out fires; they start them. What firefighters burn are books. Books are not allowed in this society.

This fictional world allows the reader to consider the purpose of books and the impact if they all were banned.

What is even scarier is that fiction has become reality with a group of people in Tennessee burning books they believe are not needed in society.

At one point in the book, Montag says, “I–I’ve been thinking. About the fire last week. About the man whose library we fixed. What happened to him?” I have the same question. What will happen to children who are attending schools that are banning books written by authors who look like them or feature characters with the same life experiences?

Fahrenheit 451 is a reminder that books are important.

If you are going to buy this book, buy an anniversary edition because those editions have extra gems about the novel and the author.

Rating: 4/5

Suggested Grades9-12
Guided Reading LevelZ+
Accelerated Reader Level5.2

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