Monday Musings: Sharing My Light!

I know I said I would move from posting once a week to posting every other week, and then I disappeared for a month. I do plan to stick with every other week moving forward. This blog wasn’t the only break I took. I had been accused by several people of cutting them off because I was speaking to them less frequently or they hadn’t heard from me in a while. That is because I was busy sharing my light and working on my new business.

After I left my school administrator job, I transitioned into the role of education consultant full time. Businesses do not run themselves. When people heard I quit my job and was working for myself, they mistakenly heard I had all this free time. I do not. Most jobs pay you on a recurring basis as long as you do just enough to not get fired. I never did the bare minimum when the money was coming in on a schedule, and I can’t slack off now. Money will not just show up every other week on Friday like it used to. I’ve got to make it happen. That meant withdrawing and focusing on that task. I want my sons to see up close what it looks like to be an entrepreneur. It means sacrifice, hard work, dedication, and obtaining knowledge.

In case you were wondering what some of the work is you can check out my education consulting page. It will continue to be updated as I add more examples of my work and testimonials. A bulk of my time has been spent mentoring teachers and other educational professionals. So far, six of my mentees have obtained new jobs. I have two more that I am helping right now. My goal is that 100% of my mentees who want to change jobs are successful. That’s my work ethic. I want to be the best at my craft.

I am also developing courses with some of the information I am sharing. This will allow me to have a foundation to tailor my future work. For example, if I create a module about classroom management, I can adjust it to fit the needs of other schools.

Right now, I am serving a school district in southeastern Indiana and a private school in Indianapolis. I am honored to serve them. I am also engaging in conversations with other people who are interested in my services.

I know that I don’t owe anyone an explanation about my actions, but I did want people to know that being an entrepreneur is hard work. If you want to be successful, you need to be all in.

On the Fourth of July, I took this video of my sons. It is the perfect illustration of what I am doing. I am sharing my light, my knowledge, so others can glow and grow.

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