Monday Musings: Connections

Last week, I had the entire week off for fall break. I took the time to relax and watch mindless television. Two shows I watched were Catfish and Ghosted. Both of these shows are on MTV. I have seen Catfish before when Nev was hosting with Max. Now, Nev has a new co-host, Kamie. For those who don’t know, a catfish is a person who pretends to be someone else online by using a fake profile. Honestly, I don’t understand how this show is still on the air. Nev has given us all of the tips to avoid this type of foolery. He has told viewers to search the images on the profile, run the phone number, and not to believe a person who can’t facetime or video chat because their camera is ‘broken.’ If you cannot verify the person, you should cut them off.

Speaking of cutting people off, this is where Ghosted comes into play. Ghosting is when you cut off all communication with a person without notice and stating why.  Hosts Rachel and Travis help people hunt down the person who ghosted them to get the person to explain why.

After watching all of the episodes of the most recent seasons of these shows, one aspect is clear. People want connection … even if the connection is based on lies and is not healthy. I believe these feelings of not being connected are growing because of the coronavirus pandemic. Social activities have been canceled or modified. People have not been able to see relatives or friends in the ways they want. Zoom and phone calls aren’t the same.

So much focus during this pandemic has been on physical health instead of mental health and the need for connection. We cannot take this lightly. One action I have taken is walking with friends. We are masked up, and we walk while socially distancing. Seeing a friend or loved one from more than just the chest up is a joy.

As you move into this week, I encourage you to assess your feelings of loneliness. If you are feeling disconnected from others, find meaningful ways to connect. Don’t fall into any catfish traps. Last, if a relationship is not one you wish to continue, tell the person, and then disconnect unless it is a safety issue. All of the episodes of Ghosted I watched could have been avoided with an open conversation.

Enjoy this week, and find meaningful connections.

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