Monday Musings: Mental and Physical Reflection

I had the opportunity to review a film before it premiered. The film is called “Black Boys” and will premiere on NBC Peacock on Thursday, September 10. I was tasked with watching the film and writing up a review/reflection. I had to take time to really think about the experiences my sons have had because they were Black boys. I had to reflect upon what I need to keep doing as a parent to affirm them and to help them navigate life as a Black male in society. Luckily, my husband is here to help, so I don’t have to do it alone. I also must support him in his journey as a Black male. What I wrote will be published soon, so stayed tuned.

The reason this blog post will be short is that I am so sore. This weekend, I walked for 2-3 hours, socially distanced with a mask on, with my friend. Then, I participated in a jump roping contest at my parents’ house with my mom, sister, husband, sons, and nieces. Last, I rode the new bike I got for my birthday. I knew I wasn’t in perfect shape, but good gracious, I feel like I got hit with a ton of bricks. My legs, feet, and knees are sore. I need more exercise than working in my garden.

I rode on my bike in the neighborhood with my sons today, and I got tired quickly. They were so far ahead of me. I was sweating and panting. My poor knees were on fire. Y’all, we made one lap around the neighborhood, and I had to throw in the towel. Sadness, I know! I’m trying to get right. I’m trying hard. Being so sore tells me I need to be a bit more active. Can I blame corona?

This pandemic has caused us not to move as much and to eat stuff we shouldn’t be eating. In other news, I lost three pounds. I guess the pain was worth it.

Once my article is published online for the “Black Boys” film. I’ll post the link here in this blog.

Good night everyone!

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