Monday Musings: Memorial Day

This weekend was great. I was able to see my parents, sisters, and nieces. For years, we have gone to the cemetery to place flowers and/or the American flag on the graves of family members who are no longer with us. This is not just for family members who are in the military. My dad created a book that lists where our family members are buried, and he created the most efficient path possible to visit all of the graves.

This year was different because we had to wear masks. My uncle Everett came for the first time. What I loved the most is the opportunity for my children to learn about their ancestors. This pandemic is a perfect time to share family history. Do your children know who is in their family? If not, maybe they should.

In 2011, my family created a 200+ family history book; my father and I led the creation of the book. We are in the process of making a second edition. So much has happened in our family since then. More historical documents have been released, which helps us to know more about our ancestors.

I hope you took the time to think about your loved ones. Please be responsible. This pandemic is not over! Let’s join our loved ones who are no longer here later rather than sooner.

Also check out our other family activity!

I hope you had a good start to the week. Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of the Coronavirus Chronicles.

Stay safe, and wash your hands correctly. Tschüss!

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