Monday Musings: Working Together

Now, more than ever, we have to work together. Working together means acknowledging that we can’t get through without each other. We have to humble ourselves and be open to receiving help.

I have been asked a lot lately to offer help to families. As much as I am giving help, I am also receiving it. If you have been following my journey while school has been closed, you know I have been modifying my plans. Some of those modifications were based on advice from other parents and educators.

I finally put a resource page on my website for the COVID-19 schoool closures. I wish I would have named it remote learning or learning at home. I’ll probably change the name later. It was shown during my interview with the Indianapolis Recorder, so I don’t want to change it right now.

Even though I was interviewed as a person who had knowledge to share, I learned from the other people who were interviewed. I also appreciated those of you that watched and even texted me as you were watching it.

If you have not watched the virtual town hall, you can watch it below.

I have learned that my sons needed more breaks during the day. This may sound odd since they have less work, but we also have to consider the emotions isolation from friends and grandparents have on children. Increasing the break time was a suggestion from other parents, and it was helpful.

This situation we are in with COVID-19 is not normal. It is okay to express it is not normal, and that we need help navigating this situation. Please work with others and reach out if you need help.

Tune back in tomorrow for the next installment of my Coronavirus Chronicles! I have decided to only do my Coronavirus Chronicles, moving forward, on Tuesday-Friday, so you are not getting two posts from me on Monday.

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