Monday Musings: Coping with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

I do not believe there are many places you could be on this planet right now and not know about the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, I am disapointed in the way some of us are behaving. Rational thought has escaped us, and people are making poor choices. We must band together because that is what is best for everyone.

Now is the time be grounded and strong. Being strong starts by admitting how we feel. I can be strong and worried. Ignoring our feelings is not healthy. Last Thursday, my husband, boys, and I sat in our master bedroom and watched Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett explain that schools in Indianapolis would close. This press conference came shortly after Indiana Governor Holcomb provided some updates about not having large gatherings and offering a 20 day waiver so students would not have to make up missed instructional days.

Instead of pretending like nothing was wrong, we explained the situation. Then, we went to the grocery store. It was packed. We were originally supposed to go on Wednesday, but I was too tired. When my son saw all of the people at the store, he said, “This is like when squirrels store nuts so they can have supplies for a while.” That is exactly what was taking place. I was confused and disappointed by what I saw in carts.

This morning on Twitter, I said, “Some of y’all have never been poor, and it shows. I’m really confused by some of the items people are buying in bulk at the grocery store.” One lady, had a whole bunch of salad in her cart. That’s perishable…maybe you should buy some canned goods. Almost all of the liquid hand soap was gone. I went for the bars of soap. Did anyone grab a few bags of black-eyed peas? I did. We don’t know how long this will last. We should get what we need and leave the rest for others. We should buy items that could last for a while. I also bought four packets of seeds; I’m a gardener, and I know how to grow and can food. Yes, it is important to be prepared. No, it is not okay to make poor choices that affect others such as hoarding resources.

I have two nine year olds in my house looking to me for guidance. They are going to follow my lead. My husband and I have told them this may last longer than we were told. Instead of thinking about all the negatives, we decided to think about the positives. We reminded them that their parents will still get paid while working at home and that some people are at home going without a paycheck. We reminded them that even though they can’t see their grandparents that facetime and phone calls can still happen. We reminded them we finally have that quality time we really wanted (check back next week to see if the quality time is going well or if we are at each others throats. Ha!) Nonetheless, a day will come where we will look back on what has happened. This won’t go on forever. Stay positive.

I’m going to try and document what we are doing. Check in back at my blog if you can!


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