Monday Musings: Manic Monday

I’m exhausted. Today was the Mondayest of Mondays there ever was! The day started with vomit during breakfast and was a bumpy ride from there. As an administrator, you have a plan and then there is what actually happens. There was only one item on my list that I got done today.

I thought I was going to complete a few tasks, but instead, I helped a couple girls resolve a conflict. Next, I had a meeting. In the middle of this important meeting, the power at my school went out. We ended up having power for part of the building, so learning could still continue. We relocated classes and use some lamp to help learning continue. Guess what didn’t have power? The cafeteria! We couldn’t keep the food cold nor could we warm up food. We served lunchables and got everyone feed then and there. Once we were about to get the last group down to the cafeteria to pick up their food, the power was back on. Yea!

Then, I found an eloping students. Luckily, I convinced the student to go back to class. Next, I helped a student write a letter to a staff member after he was rude to the staff member. By the time I was about to have lunch, I had to attend the leadership meeting. I sipped a little bit of a smoothie I had and went to the meeting. I really tried to focus, but I was drained and exhausted.

I didn’t get much done, but I also stayed calm. Every time someone passed me in the hall, I smiled. It did not fix the problems that had occurred but the smile showed that I was going to keep pushing forward. I hate wasting time venting about things I cannot change.

Now, I’m going to try to get some of that work done. Wish me luck…and keep smiling.

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