Monday Musings: Blocking Your Own Blessings

There’s a lot of sayings I have heard in church, but I haven’t put much stock into them because I haven’t experienced them yet. I’m pretty sure I have just experienced blocking your own blessings.

I heard people say that you can get in the way of you. The reason the stars aren’t aligning or the pieces aren’t following into places is because you are putting your energy in the wrong place. I did some of that in 2019.

I had an opportunity sent my way, but it had a deadline to respond. I responded immediately, and said I would get back with an answer. I got back too late, and someone else was granted the opportunity. I was so busy trying to make another opportunity work that I missed a better opportunity.

The other opportunity I should have never taken. In fact, I had turned down the opportunity a few times before accepting. If you turn something down, stick with your gut. The opportunity seemed like sunshine, but it wasn’t. It was a time sucker, and it did not add value to my life. I eventually let it go which shocked some people because it also meant letting some money go. Everything is not about money. If money is bringing stress, I can guarantee it is not worth it.

Guess what? I got another chance at the opportunity I missed. I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t’ distracted this time. I hopped on it right away. What’s even better this opportunity aligns with another obligation I have and will help me reach another goal. The other opportunity that I never should have taken, damaged relationships and blocked other opportunities. I was ignoring the warning signs. I am going to trust my gut more.

Well, I did not read about any presidents today. It’s Black History month, and I’m focusing on black excellence. I can’t be excellent if I’m getting in my own way. I am black history. I’m making history every day. I’m excited about my new opportunity, and I’m also glad I had a day off from work.

Also, stayed tuned…my podcast, Brazen Education, is coming back with a special guest this week.

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