Monday Musings: Mindset Matters

Yesterday, I saw many educators posting about dreading the return to school today. Some social media posts even included bottles of alcohol to take the edge off and prepare to return today. I agree it is nice to have two paid weeks off from work. That is a dream for any employee, but we all know breaks come to an end. The majority of the year, we have to report to the j-o-b.

This morning, I posted a gif of rapper Drake saying, “Let’s go!” That’s my second semester vibe. I’m ready to hit the ground running. I didn’t want to walk into work dragging and down in the dumps.

Students who attend my school return tomorrow. Staff had a PD day today. It was a good opportunity to connect with colleagues and focus on changes we needed to make to impact student outcomes.

I want second semester to be full of excitement. I decided to set that intention on day one of second semester. I even started my day by treating myself to some gelato; I don’t think my husband approved, but it sure was good. I ended the day excited about welcoming students back tomorrow.

Moving forward, think about how you are returning to school after a break. Are you complaining and in a bad mood or are you creating a mood of excitement and joy?

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